Bloomington Towing Services Gives Our Chief Photographer Martin Smythe A Vision Of The Way It Could Be



On today’s blog I want to highlight a company that to all appearances has no connection to the Bikini Girl Wallpapers Blog, no connection whatsoever. The name of the company is  Bloomington Towing Services, and it is one of the best known and most highly regarded towing companies in all of Indiana.

So why would a blog for the famous Bikini Girl Wallpapers company want to talk about a tow truck company?

Simply because Bloomington Towing services is no ordinary tow truck company. It is no ordinary company, period.

We know that for a fact because a few months ago our Chief Photographer, Martin Smythe, was down in Bloomington on a photo shoot. He was there to shoot photos of about three dozen bikini-clad lovelies who lived in and around the city of Bloomington, Indiana.

After he finished his photo shoot (or rather photo shoots; he was shooting at more than seven different locations in Bloomington), he started driving back home to Chicago.

But hardly had he passed beyond the city limits of Bloomington than he ran out of gas.

He ran out of gas!

 It was a stupid mistake, and Martin Smythe was the first to admit it. He really had no excuse, except maybe one: he had been so intent on getting the finest and most powerful photos that he could get, that he didn’t even notice the gas gauge in his car, didn’t even look at it.

It was very much a case of the Moon and Sixpence; that’s what it was. Martin had been so busy staring at the moon of great accomplishment, that he didn’t notice the sixpence right on the ground before him; he didn’t, in other words, notice his gas gauge.

But it just so happened that less than thirty seconds after Martin pulled his car off to the soft shoulder of the road, before he could even get on his cellphone and call a tow truck company to come and help him, Lester Peabody, the owner and operator of Bloomington Towing Services pulled off the road right behind him and asked him what was wrong.

When Martin told him that he had run out of gas, Lester Peabody just smiled and told him to sit tight for a moment.

A few minutes later he came back with a five gallon can of gas, which he gave to Martin.

When Martin tried to pay for it, Lester Peabody refused. You can’t pay a Good Samaritan, he said. That isn’t the way it’s done.

What an amazing man! What an amazing company. I will have more to say about this tomorrow. So please be sure to tune into our blog then!